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Have you ever tried learning new skills online and found yourself...

Symposium connects you with the real-life experts who have the knowledge and experience to keep you going.

You Don’t Have To Struggle By Yourself

Symposium allows you to meet one-on-one with experts directly from the mobile app or your desktop.

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Learn directly from experts and get your questions answered in real-time, taking hours months, or years off the learning process.

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No extended commitments or sneaky subscriptions. Simply download the app, find an expert in your field, and start learning.

Reach Your Goals

Symposium connects you with real-life experts who have the knowledge and experience to help you learn anything.

Nothing Stands In Your Way

Experts on Symposium choose their own prices, making it affordable for anyone to go to them for lessons or help. We don’t keep any of your payment information or share your data, so your information is secure. Our experts specialize in teaching online, so why waste hours on videos and tutorials when you can connect with someone who can answer your questions and tailor lessons to your needs? Your expert is just a tap away with the mobile app, but you can always meet on our website if you prefer.

You Can Reach your Goals!

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Meet from anywhere at your convenience using the phone app or a web browser.

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Gain the confidence and value that comes with personal growth and know that nothing can stop you.

How It Works

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Interact with Your Favorite People

Your favorite Thought Leaders are just a click away. Have personal 1 to 1 video or voice chats and request shoutouts. Symposium gives you direct access to experts, entertainers, and more, all ready and willing to teach you something or give advice.

Direct Access

No middlemen, or gatekeepers. Speak directly to the source.

Show off on Social Media

Recordings of your sessions may be available to share to your social platforms.

Easy and Fast Booking

In just a quick moment you can browse listings from educators, influencers, and more. With just a few clicks, you can choose your favorite category, select the listing you want, pick the date and time available, "book," and you’re done! You will receive booking notifications directly to your phone.

Meet with experts at your convenience using the mobile app or your web browser.