3 Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

3 Ways Bloggers Can Utilize Symposium To Grow Their Brand
Discover the secrets to promoting your blog and growing your online audience. Get the inside scoop on 3 of the best ways to increase your blog's visibility and reach your target audience.

If you’re a passionate blogger looking for a great vehicle to promote your blog and share your voice, look no further. Symposium is the perfect place for you. With its SymCast feature, bloggers can take their existing audiences and online events to greater heights by increasing engagement and spreading valuable content.

By leveraging their existing audiences and live streaming, bloggers can grow their brand, increase audience engagement, and distribute content that contributes to their field. Here are three ways bloggers can make the most of Symposium and promote their blog.

1. Host webinars on hot topics

Perhaps there’s a buzzing trend happening in your field that’s taking the world by storm. You’ve written about it in a blog post or two, but it still feels like there’s new ground to cover that can’t be captured in one article. That’s where hosting a live webinar through our SymCast feature can allow you to really dive deep into a topic at hand. You can gather a wide array of your favorite creators and host a panel to explore the various talking points, opinions, predictions, and hot-takes on the matter at hand. You can also conduct the webinar solo, taking center stage to allow your audience to chime in and ask you questions. Either way, the SymCast leaves you unbounded in your approach.

Symposium makes it super convenient for content creators to create the webinar, promote it, have people RSVP, and host the virtual event live all-in-one. Recently, Tania Estrada hosted a SymCast discussing tips and tricks to break into the entertainment business. This approach also allows you to gather all your audiences from your various social media platforms into one virtual space, allowing interactions between community members that further strengthens your core base.

2. Conduct interviews with notable influencers

Every field has its fair number of game changers within it that are pushing the boundaries and making waves with new ideas. If you’ve been regularly putting out content and growing your following, chances are that you’re not as far off their radar as you think. Reaching out to notable influencers for interviews can be a huge boost for your brand. Through the same SymCast feature, you can easily host a live interview where it’s just you and the guest speaking about the topic at hand.

How you allow your audience to engage with the interview is up to you. You can solicit questions from the audience during a certain portion of the interview or allow them to witness the interview live, uninterrupted. Interviews can also be transcribed and repurposed into blog posts themselves. However you choose to leverage your efforts, this is a great way to expand the realm of wisdom within your brand and gain new traction among the experts in the field.

3.  Host workshops for up-and-coming content creators

While most of your audience is interested in the “what,” a subset is also interested in the “how.” When your work is truly resonating, it inspires others to follow your lead, and who better to guide them on their beginning efforts than the person who sparked their interest? Hosting workshops on Symposium enables you to share the inside scoop on how to manage a successful blog, come up with new content, write captivating articles, and turn the blog into a business.

This is also one area where you can also opt for Symposium’s SymTalk 1-to-1 approach, which Symposium power users Syncere and Michael Dinich both utilize to share their key insights with up-and-coming writers who want to get the ball rolling on their writing pursuits. Hosting such events also helps to dignify you as a legitimate player in your field, which further adds to your overall reputation.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Symposium is welcoming to all bloggers who want to share their expertise with our growing marketplace. If you’re a successful blogger using Symposium, let us know if you’ve utilized these strategies or have any of your own!

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