4 Ways to Monetize Your Expertise Using Online Video

We’ve previously outlined reasons why the virtual model is here to stay. But what exactly are the best ways for experts to leverage the virtual model to make money? Today, we’ll be exploring four ways you can monetize your expertise with simple access to WIFI and a built-in webcam — each of which you can do on Symposium with just a few clicks. 

  1.     Teach Your Skills to Beginners 

Chances are, there are plenty of people looking to get started in your field. This is why we’ve previously stated why it’s a good reason for all experts to start teaching online, as it’s one of the best ways to earn money quickly, grow your network,  and sharpen your own skillset by putting you back in touch with the basics. On Symposium, this is the most lucrative way to start earning and making your mark in the virtual marketplace. If you’re diving into this space for the first time, we have tips for your first virtual lesson to start you off on the right foot!

  1.     Provide Consultations

Another way to grow your network and earn money at the same time is to provide consultations to others in your field. Your clientele may consist of self-starters who are stuck at phase one, up-and-comers who need a second opinion on a key business decision, or peers who need guidance on how to grow their brand. This is one the strategy that our SymPro, Ray Milner, leveraged on Symposium during the pandemic, sharing in his testimonial how he offered his advice and guidance to others in his industry and ended up attracting more business as a result of his pay-it-forward approach. 

  1.     Conduct Workshops

Do you have more clients than time slots available? You’ll likely benefit from using the SymCast model where you can host seminars with multiple attendees and focus on one particular subject. This is a great way to reach multiple people with the same benefits you get from teaching beginners but with broader reach and, more than likely, greater return on investment. Our SymPro SYNCERE leverages this approach through his writing courses to help aspiring writers build from the ground up and explore their ideas. 

  1.     Host Q&As 

If you want to nurture your relationship with your followers, share your expertise, and spark new ideas on how to expand your reach, then hosting a Q&A is a solution for you. The difference between this and a workshop is that you can leave this more open-ended, as it’s intended to bring your audience together and increase engagement rather than directly teach a specific skill. This is also a great way to celebrate new milestones, achievements, and share announcements with your follower base and keep them looped in all your latest updates. 

Remember, there are endless ways to use video to make money online. These are the four prominent ways that you can monetize your expertise through video today, but if you’ve found different strategies to profit off of your skills and experience, we’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

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