5 Reasons All Experts Should Start Teaching Online

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One of the most overused and completely untrue sayings is “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” If that were the case, then there’d be no knowledge available to share in the first place. It’s much more inspiring to follow the words of Maya Angelou, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” We, at Symposium, believe that teaching is the route to giving back to your field. And while you may have reached a position in your profession where you have many opportunities to choose from, teaching is one of the most rewarding options. With the rise of video conferencing and virtual connections changing who you can reach and how you can reach them, online teaching is one of the most lucrative ways to spread the knowledge you have.

Here are five reasons why all experts should consider teaching online to share the wisdom they’ve acclimated over the years.

1) Additional Side Income

Due to the uncertainty and job instability of 2020, freelancing and side hustles grew by the millions. The pandemic and the subsequent economic downturns were a reality check for all of us to not put all our eggs in one basket and diversify our streams of income. Online teaching is one of the quickest ways to do that because it requires little to no startup costs and you can get started right away! You never know when that side income will become a lifeline during trying times.

2) You Learn by Teaching

If you’re passionate about your field, you constantly want to learn more. One of the most effective ways to hone in on your expertise is to teach it to others. A study done by Richard E. Mayer, a major figure in educational psychology, found that the group of students who taught the content of a lesson had a much deeper understanding of the material compared to the students who just studied the material but were not assigned to teach it.

This also allows you to take your vast amount of knowledge and break it down to the basics. Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Teaching is a great way to test yourself to truly narrow down the most important aspects of your field and share that with an absolute beginner.

3) Flexible Hours and Pay Rates

Teaching online allows you to determine your own worth and work the hours you feel most productive. You choose your lesson plan, your hours, and the days you want to work. Suppose you only want to teach Monday through Wednesday, when scheduling your listing on Symposium, you can show that you’re only available on those specific days. Let’s say there’s a week where you’re not feeling your best, but still want to earn. You can choose at any point to cut your hours in half or double your hours the next week depending on how you’re feeling that week.

Pay rates are also in your control. While most teachers are bound by their salary, teaching online puts the ball in your court to determine how much an hour of your time is worth. On Symposium, there aren’t any gatekeepers to prevent you from letting the marketplace pay you what you truly deserve.

4) Make Money from Home

 We now know that having the ability to work from home is a huge advantage to people to maintain their income during the pandemic, as lockdown orders forced everyone to remain at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those who didn’t have a work-from-home solution available had to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to earn. Online teaching was one of the most lucrative options for those who had to start from scratch.

Even once we’re beyond the pandemic, there are still many benefits to having the option to earn from home. You can create your own personalized working space, skip the long commute, and avoid the chaos of crowded buildings to create your lesson plans in peace. You can also choose to continue working while sick or under the weather without the fear of spreading a virus to others.

5) You Get to Give Back and Help Others / Contribute to Your Field

You didn’t get to where you are without mentorship, guidance, and education. Somewhere along the line, someone was able to help you get from point A to point B at a speed you would’ve never been able to get to on your own. We are all products of the lessons we were taught, discoveries that were made before us, and the examples that were set for us to follow. Through online teaching, you can be that stepping stone to propel a beginner to the next level and fuel your students’ initial spark into a burning passion.

SymPro user Syncere mentions how his efforts on Symposium allow him to connect to other up-and-coming writers and he finds great satisfaction in helping them build the courage to advance their writing skills. Other SymPro Users have also shared their best advice for becoming top sellers on the platform and hopefully that inspires you to get started today!



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