A Zoom Alternative.

A Zoom Alternative.


A Zoom alternative, It seems the Coronavirus has changed our world forever, in more ways than one. Businesses have been forced to adapt to telecommuting and off-site work locations to maintain social distancing. Due to this, traditional workplaces and in-person meetings have been scrapped for new alternatives.

Insert the age of online meetings through digital mediums such as Zoom and others. The migration to exclusive online business has not been without its problems. Zoom has been in trouble for their multiple data breaches and technical issues. Due to these serious concerns, business leaders have been on the lookout for Zoom alternatives to meet their business needs.

In addition to business needs, influencers and marketers routinely used Zoom in the past to offer pay per view webinars to clients and potential customers. Platforms that allow for monetization for instructional sessions generally charge a flat fee for their service. However, new companies are quickly coming on board with offering their digital marketing platforms on a free or donation basis.

This article will explain in detail the best free alternatives to Zoom to take advantage of this online age to skyrocket productivity, increase sales, and skyrocket productivity.

1. Symposium

Symposium is the literal definition of Social Commerce, “commercializing social and professional interaction.” People who are seeking specialized interaction with professionals can search for listings from an individual/company, book a meeting, and pay for the exchange in one spot.

This is a unique offering, completely different than Zoom and more sophisticated for consultants, entrepreneurs, instructors, influencers, and others to capitalize on the direct communication between one party and another by posting a custom offer on their time and schedule. They’re able to sell that live time with people seeking their advice or help.

They allow for 1:1 video chat, live broadcast, and personalized recordings in their marketplace. Through Symposium, consultants, educators, and professionals finally have a method for selling access to their time and expertise to existing clients and a much broader audience in a much more convenient way.

The majority of transactions that occur are consultation, education, or entertainment related. If you’re a consultant, instructor or can teach something, you can have your students and clients book you on Symposium, and you won’t have to chase them for payment. It’s all done there!

Users post listings in categories ranging from tutoring, legal, medical, mechanical, culinary, fitness, as well as others. Users transact business on Symposium as a primary or supplemental income source while allowing for an unprecedented level of convenience for their clients and followers.

The best part is with Symposium; users can instantly transform their Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube audience viewership into monetizable transactions. Available in the Apple app store, Android, and on the web, Symposium is a ideal platform to monetize time and reputation.

Due to the current pandemic, Symposium has waived all fees for creators and now offers an option to “tip” so they can cover platform costs.

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Check out Symposium, or hear more from the best SymPros!

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