8 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners & Experts in 2022

Best Freelance Websites
Symposium has compiled a list of the best freelancing websites for beginners and professionals in 2022 to help you get started!

You have some great perks when you’re a freelancer, including working remotely and setting your own schedule, but finding clients is not always one of them. One of the most tedious tasks can be marketing your services. Freelance websites are an excellent solution.

Searching for clients, freelancers, and freelance work can be overwhelming. Nowadays, there is a platform for everything, and there are many platforms connecting freelancers with great job opportunities. 

But where do you begin?

No worries, Symposium has researched and compiled the top freelance websites to use in 2022 for you so that you can get started right away!

Things to Consider Before Registering at a Freelance Website

There are many freelance sites where you can advertise your skillset, so you may think this is the best way to obtain work from different sources. Think again: creating profiles for each platform can be incredibly time-consuming, and if the website does not meet your needs, is that worth the effort?

First, think about what you’re offering and then write it out as detailed as you can. 

If you’re a copywriter and offer your freelance writing services, you’re not only doing that. Your service also includes:

  • Research the topic you have to write about
  • Include links (internal/external linking)
  • Maybe add or recommend some pictures and graphics

When describing your services, don’t be shy and include as many details as possible about your skill set. Once you have decided what services you will offer (or hope to offer), it’s time to look into ways to attract potential clients

If you want to be a successful freelancer, you need to find the right platform to showcase your skills.

Even though most platforms do not cater exclusively to specific industries, you’ll want to find and research the right platform/job board before getting started if you want to sell a niche product. Luckily, we’ve already done a lot of this in this article for you.

The Top Four FREE Websites for Beginning Freelancers

All four of these platforms are ideal for remote jobs in many industries. These platforms tend to focus on digital work, such as graphic design, software development, and web development, but they can also offer alternative services. Make sure you have a look at each platform and research the demand of customers on this platform to indicate whether this is the platform for you.

  • Fiverr – don’t be fooled by the name of this platform; you can set your price for the service you offer. Depending on your skills, this platform provides many options, so you must set competitive prices. Using this platform to build your portfolio is a good idea.
  • Symposium – allows you to schedule live sessions with clients, answer their questions in real-time, and turn your knowledge into a profit-making business. It’s a great networking tool where you can find new clients and connect with other professionals. The app is free to download, and you keep 100% of your profits from your job postings. 
  • Freelancer – offers local or remote jobs in a variety of fields. It is free to create an account, but Freelancer takes a percentage of your earnings (only if a client accepts your quote or proposal).
  • Upwork – can be a challenging platform for beginners but an excellent platform for freelancers offering countless services. The process of joining Upwork is a bit more like applying for a job, as if you don’t have the necessary experience or there is not enough demand for the service you are offering long term, you may be rejected. Again, this platform is free to use but does take a percentage of your earnings once you get started.

Freelancing Websites for Creative Skills

Are you looking to find a platform representing your creative skills? Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork are great places to start, but these platforms are used for a vast array of industries, making them highly competitive.

To make sure your talent doesn’t get buried in other job listings, here are two great platforms for you to showcase your creative talents:

  • Working Not Working – is a freelancing website for creative skills that don’t require a registration fee and don’t take any commission over you do.
  • Behance – is a platform for freelance designers to showcase their work to over 10 million users. Many users also make it a highly competitive platform, but it is free to use.

Websites for Local Freelance Jobs 

Perhaps you aren’t creative or tech-savvy. Maybe you are looking for freelance jobs in your area that are more hands-on. TaskRabbit is perfect for “offline” jobs, while Craigslist can handle it all. You might want to take a look at these platforms to determine if they are a good fit for your next freelance job offer:

  • Craigslist – as one of the most visited websites in the United States, Craigslist is a great way to get eyes on your gig. Being an incredibly inclusive platform, you can offer almost any service here. This website is convenient for local jobs, but you can also find remote work opportunities here.
  • TaskRabbit – an offline-freelance job platform. With TaskRabbit, you don’t need to have digital skills to freelance. You can offer to do groceries or help a neighbor move, paint a house, or replace a lightbulb. The services you can offer are endless. It is the only platform on our list that requires a registration fee. The registration fee, $25, is only due if your application is accepted.

Getting Freelance Clients for Your Business

In addition to building profiles on (free) freelance websites and platforms, it is also important to network. The client is more likely to feel like they can trust you when they know who is working with them, especially with the internet being filled with scams and catfishes these days.

For instance, create an online presence with social media accounts to show people you are legitimate. You can also attend networking events or webinars to connect with potential clients and other professionals. 


So, there you have it! The best freelance websites for your needs as a beginner freelancer or professional. While some of these platforms may be more suited to certain types of work than others, they all offer opportunities for talented individuals to find quality clients. 

Engage actively with potential clients and other freelancers with Symposium; the free app helps you turn your knowledge and skill into a profitable freelance business. Have one-on-one sessions with your clients, or broadcast to many while answering their questions live.

Are you ready to get started? Register via our website, or download the Symposium app for free and start your Freelancing career today!


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