31 Best Selling Apps: Sell Your Stuff Faster!!! (Online & Locally)

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Originally published September 30, 2020  / Michael Dinich / Your Money Geek


Best Selling Apps? Are you interested in making money without leaving your home?

If you have a smartphone and something to sell, then you’re in luck. There are several ways that you can earn money online by selling your things. If you already have things that you’re looking to sell, you will find plenty of the best selling apps below.

In general, this is a great way to make money selling unwanted stuff in a virtual yard sale, and your bucks will add up. If you have stuff you don’t want, you can sell it to make extra money. What’s not to love? This isn’t a niche, either. So many people go on apps to sell things; it’s like a virtual flea market. There are several selling apps like Flyp that you can make money from.

Read on to learn how to sell stuff so you can earn some extra cash via apps. Check out this list of the best selling apps:

Best Apps for Selling Your Services

20. Symposium

Symposium is a great way to monetize your side hustle. You can easily set up a listing selling your experience and knowledge, schedule video chats with clients, live stream performances, and interact with your clientele all within the Symposium app.

This selling app is super easy to use and it handles scheduling and collecting payments for you.

21. Fiverr

With Fiverr you can advertise your services on their virtual job board marketplace and connect with potential clients and customers. Fiverr handles collecting payments for you, making invoicing a user-friendly experience.

22. Rover

Are you a dog walker? Then Rover is the app you’re looking for.

Through the app you can create a portfolio and sign-up to become a dog walker. Set your own rates, schedule your time for taking walks, and make money while hanging out with some friendly four-legged pooches.

23. Upwork

If you have a specific area of expertise that you’re looking to get work in, you’re going to want to sign-up for an account with Upwork. Once you’re set-up, you create a personalized profile based on a series of questions that help you find a job that is perfectly suited to you. This cuts down in ill-fitting job offers and wasted time.

24. NextDoor

You probably already have the NextDoor app on your phone. Almost everyone has downloaded this app to keep in touch with neighbors about lost cats, bear sightings, and neighborhood watches. But did you know you can find a job on there? Post about your upcoming yard sale, your teenager’s lawn mowing services, and whatever skill you’re marketing. Don’t be afraid to cover all of your basis.


Check out Michael Dinich on Symposium, or hear more from the best SymPros!

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