College Athletes

Maximize The Earning Potential Of Your Personal Brand

Your Content Is Your Currency

Develop Your NIL Business

Collegiate athlete sitting on the stairs and using Symposium to speak to a fan on his phone.

Athletes Have Full Creative And Pricing Control

Your Time Is A Virtual Product

Get Paid To Interact with your fans.

Reach A Global

Symposium supports payments in 35 countries.

Educate, Entertain, Inspire

Your content is your decision.

Choose How You Want to Connect


Set Your Price For One-On-One Video Calls On Your Schedule

Collegiate soccer playing hosing a Talk with Symposium.


Conduct Exclusive Pay-Per-View Events


Recorded Video Messages

Your Social Marketplace

Symposium is a global platform where social and professional interactions through video calls, pay-per-view live streams, and personalized recordings are bought and sold. It’s designed for consultants, educators, entertainers, and influencers. Sellers include athletes, doctors, lawyers, chefs, tutors, social media influencers, celebrities, consultants, mechanics, contractors, investors, and professionals from many other fields, and at different levels in their careers. Symposium is available as a mobile app and on the web. Give your followers the next level of access. 

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