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With Symposium, experts remain in complete control of their business, branding, teaching, and relationships. It is our role to offer an intuitive interface for real-time interaction between experts and their clients. We believe in the importance of human connection and creating sustainable relationships in a digital environment. To keep our experts the owner of their clients, we give them control over their business and branding and offer less-stress scheduling and billing. 

With Symposium, experts remain as operators of their businesses and are not contractors or employees of Symposium. Experts are free to use their full names, develop their topics and content, and post as many photos and videos that they like on their profile to develop their brand. They can create their schedules to meet the needs of their clients and themselves and if an off-schedule time is needed, that can be added easily. Experts also have the freedom to promote their services how they like and over other social media platforms and personal websites. 

 Symposium enables its experts to own the relationship with their clients, making the end customers feel safer because the expert is the one one who sees your followers and their information. Moreover, experts can connect with clients when they book their sessions to build customized sessions. The system also sends out reminders before meetings to buyers and experts. When sessions are created, followers can see them and decide to book; they can also share services they love with their friends through other social platforms. Only the expert has access to credit card information; Symposium does not collect this information; it is done through Stripe. Symposium respects the privacy of our users. We do not share customer email information. The only information Symposium has is the information that the end user decides to share with us. 

Symposium experts handle their billing and scheduling through our no-stress system.  We do not collect any extra fees from experts or users and payments are made automatically once the session is completed so experts do not have to wonder if they will ever be paid. If someone books a service, you are notified, and you do have to approve it, so the expert retains control over the appointments and clientele served. We also protect the interests of experts by making it impossible for the user to expand the length of their session. The only way to extend is to pay for additional time. An added bonus is that if a client is happy with the service received, they can tip using a calculated option and a default tip of 20%. 

When using Symposium experts and their clients know that they can reach their goals with a secure, easy-to-use platform. We’re here to help experts get paid for your time and by taking the pain points out of marketing, scheduling, and getting paid for your time!g


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