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Building a customer base is difficult. Starting a website is time-consuming and can set you back hundreds or thousands before you even begin to start trying to compete with the big brands. Many tutoring and lessons platforms offer to get you in front of customers, then take a huge percentage of your earnings, often without letting you set your own schedule or prices. Many won’t allow you to use your full name or keep your own clients. Even after you have your customers, a new list of problems can form such as: 

How do I manage scheduling and reminders?

How should I handle collecting payment online? 

What happens if my customers don’t show up? 

Symposium is designed to help run your business easily and takes the stress out of making money online.  

With Symposium, You're In Control

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It All Yourself

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Customers are waiting to buy your services

Work when, where, and how you want

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Tell customers what you’ll be doing when you meet them, how much it costs, and when you’re available.

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Meet customers and receive payment right to your debit card or bank account.

It's Never Been Easier

Students of all levels come to Symposium looking for guidance from people just like you. The app allows you to list offers and even teach classes at no cost to you. You set the prices for your offers and keep the entire amount; we only make money by taking a percentage of extras you choose to offer your clients. We put your name and services in front of customers without you having to worry about the costs of building a website or advertising. We encourage you to link your websites and social media accounts to your Symposium profile so potential clients can get to know you and you can continue to grow your personal brand. No other sellers can see who has worked with you so they can’t advertise directly to them, and you’re free to exchange information with your clients if you would like to manage your own client list.

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How It Works

Share your skills & talents with others and make money live streaming it in real time, on your schedule. You can manage everything here!

List Your Offers.

Your profile is the buyer's first impression. Give details, add photos and videos, or drop your LinkedIn profile link in the About Me section.

Scheduling is Automatic.

Once you are booked you will be notified and invitations are sent. Accept or auto-accept appointments. You're still paid if they don't show and you do. Show up on time and stay in the call to receive your full fee.

Receive Payment.

You choose the prices of your sessions and keep 100%. There's no fee, it's free! Accept payment straight to your debit or checking account.

Sell Recordings and Get Tips.

Symposium offers  opportunities for added income. Receive TIPS in or after the sessions. Sell RECORDINGS of them for an extra fee. Symposium keeps half of these extras so we can keep everything else free.

Notable Live Stream Sellers on Symposium

 Symposium has created a platform that gives people the tools to package their unique life experiences and sell them at a price point based on their reputation. Read what Symposium Experts are saying below or click here to find out more about how Symposium works for them.

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