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Educate, Entertain and Earn!

There are so many ways to connect with people and make money by selling your skills and time.



Participate in or host a one-on-one meeting. Use video calls to demonstrate or share information with this meeting type.



Sell admission to a broadcast video chat with a few or thousands of people around the world. Whether it's for entertainment, education, or business, this feature allows you to broadcast your skills and host like you’re on a virtual stage.



Anyone can request a personalized recorded video gram from their favorite celebrity or authority on Symposium. This is a perfect gift to send for birthdays, graduations or any occasion.

How it Works

Share your skills & talents with others and make money in real time, on your schedule. You can manage everything here!

Tell Us About Yourself.

Your profile is the buyer's first impression. Give details, add photos and videos, or drop your LinkedIn profile link in the About Me section.

Confirm Your Meetings.

Once you are booked you will be notified. Accept or auto-accept appointments. Money is set aside to protect you against cancellations. Show up on time and stay the full time to receive the full amount.

Receive Payment.

Enter your payment method and become verified through Stripe.You keep 100% of your meeting earnings, we partner 50/50 on tips and video recordings.

Additional Income.

Symposium offers unique opportunities for additional income. Once the meeting has started accept TIPS, sell RECORDING, and EXTEND your meeting for extra income.

Analysis and Statistics

Keeping track of data doesn't have to be a hassle. Easily track, manage, and maintain all of your analytics in one place. From upcoming symcasts to total earnings, you'll be able to see it all in one place.

Live Video Experiences

Notable Sellers on Symposium

Symposium has created a platform that gives people the tools to package their unique life experiences and sell them at a price point based on their reputation.

Commonly Asked Questions

Have a question? You're not alone. Check out our Commonly Asked Questions and find the answers you're looking for.

  • How do I get paid?
  • As long as your Stripe account has been verified by them, Stripe will transfer your payments directly to your bank account as soon as the funds are cleared. You don’t have to do anything. Stripe will handle it for you.

    If your Stripe account still says “Unverified” under “Personal Information” on the Payment Settings screen, please read this.

  • I am new to my profession, or I’m afraid of charging too much. Are there any limitations on how low I can go?
  • Starting anything new is hard, and we want to make sure Hosts have a chance to be as successful with Symposium as they can be. We have done our best to give you great flexibility in your pricing decisions by keeping our fees as low as possible, and setting minimums accordingly. However, every time you Host a SymTalk or SymGram, there are costs incurred for the underlying technology. This means that if you price your offers very low we can’t cover our costs through the standard fee, and will have to pass the costs on to you—something we strive to avoid. If you’re new, we suggest looking at listings being offered in your categories, then consider pricing yours competitively with them. It probably isn’t necessary to charge prices so low that everyone loses money, and it probably doesn’t fit into your business plan.

    You can list extremely inexpensive offers, but if you charge too little, we will have to charge extra costs to you. Think about it— your time is probably worth more than you think.

  • I want to be a Host and conduct my online business using Symposium. What does it cost?
  • Listing your offerings on Symposium is free. There are no upfront costs, but Symposium takes a fee for each transaction between you and your clients.

    • The Symposium standard fee for all purchases of SymTalks and SymCasts has been waived. Now we take 0% of the total collected and you keep 100%!
    • The Symposium standard fee for all tips and purchases of cloud recordings is 50% of the total recording amount collected.
    • The Symposium standard fee for all purchases of SymGram offers is 20% of the total collected.
    • Penalties may occur for offers that are priced too low to recover our costs, but above the minimum restrictions.

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