Four Tips for Securing More Clients on Symposium

The most important step of your virtual hustle is to just get started. But there will always be stumbling blocks along the way and one of the main struggles you might face is trying to find new clients. If you’ve been on Symposium for a while and are running into this obstacle, we have your back. Sometimes all it takes is implementing a few new strategies into your self-promotion to get the ball moving. 

Here are 4 tips for securing more clients on Symposium. 

  • Offer a Free Listing

One of the perks about using Symposium for your online monetization is that you get to set your own rates when you create your listing. But did you know that all it takes is one click to make your listing a free promotional offer? 

Sometimes in the beginning, people are reluctant to pay for something when they don’t yet know what they’re getting into. That’s why the free promotional offer can be a powerful tool to build relationships and entice people to come witness your expertise at play! By offering a free slot of your time, you can give your potential clients a little sample of what you’re bringing to the table. 

There are a few ways to approach the free listing. If you’re an online teacher, tutor, or coach, you can basically make this the very first lesson, which in turn can encourage users to continue with the lessons in subsequent sessions. For entertainers, consultants, and other monetization efforts, the free promo can be an overview of what you are offering on Symposium and the benefits you can bring to people’s lives. Either way, make it your own and allow for these free calls to become the building blocks to you becoming your own boss on Symposium.

Promote Your Listing on Social Media 

Whether it’s a free promo, SymTalk, SymCast, or SymGram, it’s essential to leverage social media to gain exposure for your Symposium offerings. The easiest and quickest way to do this is by adding your Symposium link to your profile bio on Instagram or Twitter. To do this, simply open your most recent listing and click on “Share this SymTalk” to copy the link. However, creating that easy access for your followers is only the first step. Let your audience know through IG/Twitter stories where they can find you! 

Another way to leverage social media is to share clips from your sessions to show what your online sessions consist of. Think of this as your highlight reel: giving people a taste of how you approach your work and the gems of wisdom that they can be a witness to once they book a session with you. 

Instagram is also a great way to promote your SymCasts! Just ask Symposium Power User Cheryl McColgan, who leveraged her IG audience to spark a very successful stream on Symposium with her Keto SymCast Cook Along. 

  • Encourage Clients to Leave Reviews

Once you’ve gained a few regular clients who have benefited from your SymTalks or SymCasts, don’t be afraid to ask for honest feedback! Users who partake in your sessions can rate your course and leave reviews for others to see. When Loren Michaels Harris joined the platform, his courses became a huge hit with other Symposium users and as a result, they left him rave reviews of the experience. Now anytime someone clicks on his listing, they’ll see how well-received his sessions were and instantly become more intrigued to book a session. If you feel that your sessions with clients are going well, encourage them to share their thoughts in a review and watch the momentum build as your Symposium listing becomes a hit. 

  • Network by Joining Other User’s Events

Symposium isn’t just a marketplace. We’re a community. As our platform grows, we encourage our users to participate in each other’s events. Not only does this help support the community, but you can also interact with other users and start networking! As you make these new connections, share what you’ve been offering on Symposium and encourage them to try a free session and/or tell a friend who might be interested in your field of expertise. Not to mention how much you can learn by seeing how your peers conduct their sessions and add a few new tricks to your sleeve. 

At the end of the day, creating excellent content, offering useful advice, and staying consistent are the pillars that will keep your virtual hustle afloat. As long as you stay true to your mission and remain passionate about your work, the clients will come. Just believe in yourself and enjoy every step of the process!

If you’ve implemented any of these strategies to increase your client base, we’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

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