6 Tips for Building a Freelancer Profile That Stands Out

Learn how to create a profile that will make you stand out and attract high-quality clients.

Freelancing is a great way to make money on the side or full-time. It offers a lot of freedom and control over your work schedule, income, and projects. However, to land quality clients and projects, you need to have an excellent freelancer profile that stands out from the rest. 

Are you ready to start a freelance career and find work? Make sure you read these six easy steps to create a profile that stands out from the competition and gets you hired in no time!

1. Use the title to highlight your skills 

When it comes to getting work as a freelancer, you need every advantage. Getting found by potential clients and getting them to hire you begins with a well-written title or headline.

A headline should be as descriptive as possible without becoming too long. Make sure your title describes your expertise and the type of projects you’re looking for to help prospective clients understand what you do. But keep it short! The perfect length for a title is ten words or less.

Incorporate keywords into your title

Make sure the title of your profile includes keyword phrases related to what you provide, so it appears when people search for a service like yours. 

For example, rather than using “Piano teacher” as the headline for your freelance listing, you can take it a step further by including some keywords and the need you fulfill:“Piano teacher with over ten years of experience teaching children.”

2. Upload a Professional Profile Picture of Yourself

Having a profile photo that makes your client feel comfortable about you plays a significant role in their decision to work with you. Customers want to work with someone they trust, and if they don’t see a photo conveying friendliness and professionalism, they may move on.

Consider these tips when choosing your perfect profile picture to help you attract clients and stand out from the competition.

  • Find the proper lighting: Outdoors, shady areas not exposed to direct sunlight, can be a great lighting option. Indoors, natural light is better than overhead lights that produce harsh shadows.
  • Choose a simple background: An uncluttered, simple, and light background is ideal. A wall that isn’t too bright — like the side of a concrete or brick house — or an outdoor backdrop will work well.
  • Face the camera: Position your face straight ahead or lean your shoulders slightly. Crop the image so that only your head and shoulders are visible. Make yourself look professional, and do not forget to smile. 

3. Write a Biography Focusing on the Value You Offer

Create a biography detailing what you do, who you are, and your experience level. Make sure that all the information you include is true and relevant. A great way to do this is by using this format:

  1. Describe your skill set, your title, and briefly introduce yourself
  2. Mention your experience in the field
  3. Explain how your skills have added value in the past (include samples if available)

For example: “As a senior copywriter, I have written over a hundred articles for clients like Symposium, Fiverr, and Upwork. I conduct thorough research and use high-quality, relevant keywords in my work, which aligns with best practices. As a result, my written content has improved the overall website ranking of my clients and increased online engagement by 52%.”

4. Set your offer price, or prices

Clearly outline what services you offer and what rates you charge. If your customers have questions about what your service entails, you can always ask them to contact you before they purchase your offer. If you do that, you can up-sell your services and show potential clients how they can benefit from hiring a freelancer like you.

5. Include relevant photos of your previous work

Creating a portfolio that showcases your previous work is guaranteed to draw in potential clients. Select pieces that reflect your niche and show off your expertise. Don’t just tell people what you do; show them! People love seeing visual representations before getting involved, as it sets expectations and gives an idea of your skills and what you offer.

6. Review and edit your profile

Once you have completed your profile, proofread it and fix any errors. There must be no typos or spelling errors that could make you appear unprofessional. 

Here are some additional tips for creating a profile that will get you clients:

  • Remember to tell your potential clients how you can help them.
  • If possible, add your most valuable skills to every section of your profile.
  • Fill in every section of your freelancer profile completely, as this will establish trust and confidence.
  •  Regularly update your profile.
  • Add links to other professional accounts in your profile, like your business social media accounts and website.

Start your freelance career with winning profile

With so much competition for freelancers, you need to ensure that your profile stands out. Make it easy for potential clients to find and hire you by having a headline or title that is compelling enough to click. When a potential client lands on your page, be welcoming and show them how qualified you are with your photo. Be transparent about your rates and services offered, so there are no surprises down the line when it comes time to do business together.

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