How to Be Your Own Online Boss

Many people dream of being their own boss, creating their ideal work scenario and enjoying setting their own hours, projects, and clients. Of course, there are also the downsides of financial issues, finding clients, and marketing. Being the boss in an online world brings its challenges though certain jobs such as financial advisor, music teacher, tutor, therapist, life coach, recruiter, personal trainer, or speaker work well in a virtual setting.  Online teaching is a great way to help others, learn new things, and build income quickly with little startup costs. The best virtual job is the one most suited to your passions, personality, and lifestyle you would like to have. 

There are five key steps to set you up for success as an independent boss in the virtual world. 

  1.       Have a plan. 

Before you decide to work as your own boss full time, it is best to have a plan in place. This plan should include a clear vision of what service you will provide, which pain point it will solve, the target audience of likely users who are willing to pay for your service, and your goals. Once these items are clear, you can then set smaller objectives to help you to move closer to your ultimate goal. The plan also needs to include financial planning to make sure you have the monetary means to bring your vision to light, have a salary for yourself and employees, and meet tax obligations. Look for free options that will get you up and running quickly. 

  1.       Set a work schedule. 

Although being a boss does require much time and effort, you still need to make time for necessities of life such as sleeping, eating, time with loved ones, and some recreational activities.  You need to set hours during which you will be working and are open to appointments with clients and partners. 

  1.       Keep improving. 

Part of being a boss is learning new things and building your skills. As you acquire new skills whether learning new software, becoming more comfortable in public speaking or other skills, be proud of yourself and continue to be your own cheerleader. Keep a journal of the lessons you have learned so that you do not need to reinvent the wheel when similar situations arise. 

  1.       Have a support system in place. 

Your support system consists of both personal and professional resources such as someone who has run a similar, but not a competing business. You also need to find someone who will share in your happiness when you succeed and will lend a shoulder or an ear when you need to vent. Mentors and advisors are part of your support system along with those who either voluntarily or on a paid basis will help you with items such as setting up social media accounts or designing a website. Along with mentors, it is good to have “buddies,” who are similarly working to build their businesses and with whom you can share best practices and lessons learned. Be prepared to return favors and also pay it forward by helping other entrepreneurs. 

  1.       Keep networking. 

Networking helps you to connect with people who can be potential customers, partners, or act as referrals for your business. Networking can be done in person, through articles you write or conference sessions in which you participate, or via social media. In any networking situation, think about the value you can provide to others and not just use the opportunity to promote yourself. 

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