How to Find Your Symposium Side Hustle

The hardest part of any new venture is getting started. If you’re curious about our platform but don’t know how you can get involved yet, there are many things you can do to figure out what you can offer in our marketplace. Here are 4 tips that could potentially help you narrow down what kind of offering you can contribute to start your Symposium journey.


1) Write Down your Skills and Interests

If you don’t know where to start, the best thing you can do is to brainstorm what you’re already good at. A good way to narrow this down is to ask: what are you the go-to person for during school or work projects, or in your personal life? Second, list all the things you’re interested in and start connecting the dots between your skills and passions.

2) See if there’s a demand for your skill/interest

Once you have a solid list, look through our marketplace to see if it’s something already being offered. Oftentimes, all it takes is to see that others are already doing it to know that it’s a lucrative idea. However, if it’s not already being offered, you can also use that scenario as an opportunity to create a specific niche for yourself and fill a void that people might need.

3) Choose the option that motivates you the most

After you search through our marketplace to see what’s in demand, make sure you don’t let that become the final decision point. Your offering has to be something that fires you up to get started. Doing something for which you lack the passion, just because it’s lucrative, will set yourself up for eventual burnout. In the long run, the subject that excites you will be the driver that keeps you going even when business is slow. Your efforts are attached to your “why” and you’ll feel greater purpose for what you’re doing if you are motivated to achieve success.

4) Make a free promotional offer

 Once you have an idea of what you want to offer, give it a test run! Offer a free promotional listing for your idea and see how it goes! Be sure to go in with a plan, be attentive, and give your new clients a taste of your awesome expertise!

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