How to get 5 coaching clients in 30 days – Organic Marketing

Is your marketing goal to sell more programs or attract more clients?

There are many marketing strategies you could use, but what works best for coaching? And what’s the fastest way to get results? Here are a few tips on how to market your online course business through organic marketing. If you’re just starting your Coaching Business. Check out our Article on how to start a coaching business from home.

What you need to know about organic marketing

The goal of organic marketing is to attract customers naturally over time, without paying for links or specific content to be pushed to them. Organic marketing includes any activities designed to build brand awareness naturally. 49% of marketers believe organic search is the most profitable channel they use.

Organic marketing strategies to build your coaching business

Use social media as a marketing tool

Find out where your audience prefers to engage, and spend your time there. Make use of hashtags that are relevant to your business. Linking to that content will help people find you quicker.

Set up a Facebook business page for your online courses. A Facebook business page is a great way to host giveaways, special events, and find influencers. Which will help you gain knowledge about your audience.
Using tools such as Facebook Stories and Facebook Live will help you connect with your audience in an authentic way. By conducting Q&A sessions you will add personality to your marketing campaign. Over time, You will build a self-sustaining following on facebook. Those followers will share your product, which is free marketing.

Build an email list

You can build your email list by inviting your target audience to sign up on your website, through social media, and elsewhere. Send email messages that contain interesting, actionable content related to what you teach.

Host a live webinar

Webinars allow you to connect with your target audience. Your viewers can ask questions, submit feedback, and comment on your content. The options are endless when hosting a live webinar. Another great idea is to share your computer screen with your audience. This is will help you audience understand your coaching processes even more. Read our article about why live streaming is important for brand building for more tips about building your business.

Speak at local events and meetup groups

Your business doesn’t have to rely on only online marketing. Speaking about your niche at local events and meetup groups gives you a chance to get more exposure. Speaking face to face with someone creates a more intimate connection. By creating that connection with your audience they are more likely to become a client of yours.

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