How To Start A Coaching Business From Home

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An online coaching business could be for you if you enjoy connecting and helping people. Here is a how to guide on how to start an online coaching business from home.

Starting a business of any kind is not an easy task, especially a coaching business. An online coaching business could be for you if you enjoy connecting and helping people. Technology has transformed the industry. Having an office, which requires paying rent and utilities, is no longer a necessity when starting a coaching business of any kind.

Live-streaming has opened up so many possibilities in the coaching industry. Both the client and coach enjoy being in the comfort of their own home, and are not restricted by location. If you enjoy connecting with others, then coaching would be a great at home business for you.

Steps for Starting a Coaching Business

Here are a few steps to consider when starting your at home online coaching business.

Choose the type of coaching you’ll provide:

Ask yourself, what kind of people do I want to help? and what kind of problems to enjoy solving. Business and life coaching are the most common in this field but that are many more types of coaches.

Create your unique selling offer:

What makes your services stand out from the other coaches in your niche? Do your research. Look up the competitors in your field, and see what they are offering.

Get the required training:

This is not a must, but if you are looking to get more experience in coaching and become a better coach it will help. Having the right knowledge and skillset in your niche will make you a credible. The more credible a coach is the more money they will make.

Set up your coaching business:

Create a business name and get a business license if your city requires. Determine the business structure that fits your business best. Write a coaching contract, or consult a local lawyer to do this for you. A coaching contract outlines your expectations and services.

Develop Your online presence

Create business social media accounts and a website. Publish content intended for your ideal client and describes how you can help them.

Assemble the necessary equipment and materials for your online coaching business:

Research online coaching platforms and software needed to do video conferencing. Establish how to handle scheduling and payment.

Coaching is profoundly beneficial in the eyes of companies and individuals who hire a coach, with 99% viewing it as “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% stating, “they’d repeat the process.” – [ ICF Global Coaching Client Study ]

You now have a guide on how to start your own online coaching business. One last tool essential for your coaching business is the Symposium App. Symposium is a Live-steaming marketplace. On Symposium coaches make money online everyday. No need to worry about technology, scheduling, or payments, symposium takes care of it all. Symposium’s design helps run your business and takes the stress out of making money online. Sign up today online, or download the App.


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