The Hype Magazine Interview with Symposium Co-Founder Troy Roques

Originally published on July 5, 2020  / Jerry Doby / The Hype Magazine

Mr. Roques and his team have developed a dynamic new app called Symposium which is disrupting the video conferencing industry as we know it by allowing the user to package their skillset with the monetization of time geared to educate, entertain, and inspire. With approximately 37% of Americans having a second job, or “side hustle”, and unemployment skyrocketing passed 23% Symposium’s users can maximize their earning potential by setting their price and time for personal video chat experiences.

Cory Welch

Cory Welch

Cory is a part of the Symposium Team, and is an accomplish Web Developer and Content Creator. He has a passion for solving puzzles and finding solutions. Cory is born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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