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Joe Baumgartel Symposium

CEO of Symposium allows people to package and sell live video service they have to offer. This includes tutoring, consulting, counseling, coaching, teaching, or any form of entertainment; experts can take their service and turn it into a product that can be packaged and sold over the internet. You set your own rates, choose your own schedule, and decide how you want to sell your service.

On Symposium, you can create a listing that explains what your live video service is, within a market where people can search to find what they’re looking for. As the seller, you can also have a link to your service to advertise it any way that you’d like. And that’s how the idea was born.

Pretty soon, we were building the product. We were a tiny little company. I was the only one of my partners not in Las Vegas and we were interfacing all the time over video. That was really helpful in determining the experience on Symposium because I was going through the everyday pains of video conferencing. We got the thing built and tried to market it, but we found that people didn’t really know what we were talking about. Even though live video became ubiquitous in our lives, people still didn’t really understand the idea of live services.

Symposium packages live video. Today, operations are around the clock. We’re constantly developing and tweaking our message. The biggest thing right now is optimizing the current Symposium experience for the newly enlarged audience we’ve been encountering. As we figure out what the users need now, we also get a feel of what they’re going to need in the future.

Progress for us is two-fold. Symposium measures how many people are interacting on the site: how many people are visiting and how active people are. But more importantly, we try to measure success based on the service providers ability to sell live video services.


Check out Joe Baumgartel  on Symposium, or hear more from the best SymPros!

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