Leveraging Social Media to Maximize Your Symposium Listing

       Making the best use of Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms is a necessary ingredient to all digital marketing efforts. On Symposium, we provide all tools you need to make your sessions happen smoothly from the marketplace and video conferencing to scheduling and payment collection. You can take your virtual business even further by regularly promoting your listings across your social media platforms. Here are three easy and efficient ways to streamline your Symposium offerings through social media to maximize your reach and grow your client base.

1) Add Your Symposium Link to Your Profile Bio on Instagram or Twitter

The simplest and most effective way to connect Symposium to your social media platforms is to add your listing’s link to your profile bio. Some of your followers might not yet even realize that they can get direct access to your services. To quickly add your listing to your bio, follow these easy steps:

  • Log into your Symposium profile and open your most recent listing
  • Click on “Share this SymTalk”
  • Copy the link provided
  • Go to your Instagram or Twitter profile and click “edit profile”
  • Paste the link in the website or bio section.

Boom! Now your offer is always just one click away for your followers!

2) Host a SymCast: Promote on IG stories, Twitter, Facebook

Connect all your followers from the various platforms together by scheduling a SymCast. You likely have some fans who are Instagram devotees while others pay the most attention to Twitter and are unaware of your activity on Instagram and vice versa. Hosting a SymCast is a great way to gather your fans from all the platforms into one virtual community event.

Tips for Getting Attendees to Your SymCast event:

  • Promote the event well ahead of time on all the social media platforms you’re active on. Make sure you cover all bases to gain the attention of all fans on whichever platforms they may be.
  • Consider making it a free offer. Symposium offers the option to make any listing a free promotional offer. If maximum attendance is your main priority, make the event free for everyone and leave no person behind.
  • Have your followers send you questions ahead of time on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and you can go through them during your SymCast.

Some quick tips for maximizing SymCast success:

  • Set a theme for the SymCast. Pick a topic of interest within your area of expertise and share your inside knowledge and opinions on the subject.
  • Encourage your followers to ask questions during the event. For some questions, it makes more sense to provide a response aloud in an open format rather than through a pre-prepared response. Real-time responses to questions can also feel more personal and allow you to connect directly to each event attendee.
  • Encourage engagement through the chatbox. Your SymCast is not just a one person show: it’s a community event. Event attendees should be contributing to the conversation, sharing their ideas, and expressing their views. You may even learn something new from asking what they think, and it’ll bring your community closer together.

3) Share Clips From Your Sessions

Did you host a SymCast where you shared little gems that can be turned into quick IG clips? Utilize the recordings from your sessions and turn them into mini clips where you can give your audience glimpses into how you approach questions and topics during your Symposium sessions. If you are using clips from your 1-to-1 sessions, make sure you ask permission from your customer before sharing the clip publicly.

Tip: Try to not only locate the best pieces of advice you offered, but topics that you covered that are trending online or have a large number of people seeking advice into. Don’t forget to use hashtags to your advantage when sharing the clip!

These are just three of the many social media strategies you can take to promote your Symposium listings and all your online efforts to expand your brand. Try at least one of these tips this month and let us know how it’s working! We’d love to hear from you.

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