13 Fun and Creative Live Stream Ideas

If you’re struggling with new ideas for your next live stream, don't worry! We've got 13 creative and fun live stream ideas that will keep you and your audience entertained.

Are you looking for new live stream ideas? Or new ways to engage your viewers?

We know how it can feel to be stuck in a rut. That’s why we want to help you discover new ways to make your live stream more engaging, interactive, and fun for everyone. Adding variety to your live stream keeps your viewers engaged and builds loyalty.

Make Engaging Content for Your Live Stream Videos

What’s the use of a live stream with little or no audience? You have to refresh your content to increase your popularity – every single live stream must be something different and engaging. 

Build an Audience With Your Live Stream Ideas

Community is essential, and many content creators forget that they can lead a community by streaming. You bring together different people under your live content as the streams go on. What makes this more immersive for viewers is that you can interact with them.

If your audience feels like the outsiders, they won’t be interested in joining. Be open to everyone who wants answers or needs company.

To keep your audience watching, you have to develop new and engaging content for your live streams. Here is a list of some fun stream ideas that can draw in viewers.

13 Fun and Creative Live Stream Ideas

1. Spontaneous live sessions

Spontaneous live sessions are a fantastic way to bring life and energy into your stream. Those who prefer practicing before going on-air may find it difficult, but keep this in mind. When you create an impromptu environment for viewers they feel more engaged. It’ll also get their brains thinking about what might happen next – wanting them to come back for your next live stream.

2. Behind the scenes

Live streams of how you prepare for live sessions or live sessions that show the streaming setup make your audience feel like part of your personal life. When they see these things, they feel like you allow them to know you better. This tip can also provide your audience with some valuable live streaming insights. 

3. Talk about your favorite celebrity or online personality

Celebrities and online personalities are gaining more attention and engagements than ever. The way people peer into their lives is as if they are family members or close companions. 

Imagine talking about your favorite celebrity in one of your live streams, why you like them, and what they have done that interests you. Trust me; your audience would want to hear facts about a star. They would even invite their friends to check out your live streams because of this.

4. “How To Cook” live series

Cooking is a live stream idea to interact with your audience. Show them how easy it is to make something like lasagna. Then share a trick or two on what to use to get that perfect flavor, and then eat your dish together.

Here is our list of our favorite chefs live streaming:

Learn one on one with Chef Caira as he answers your questions and gives you step by step instruction on how to craft a gourmet meal (Private One on One with Chef Caira)

Meet Chef Wendy and she can coach you on discovering your passion for cooking. (Learn how to empower yourself, be happy and cook along the way with Sexy Chef Wendy)

You can make your own custom cocktail using ingredients you already have at home with the help of an award-winning bartender. (Custom Cocktails with Naomi Levy)

5. Q&A (Question & Answer)

Q&A sessions increase the interaction between yourself and your viewers. By answering questions from your viewers and getting their feedback in a Q&A session, you can increase viewership and connect with them better. 

More so, in a Q&A session, your audience can know more about a specific topic. You could either scribble questions you intend to ask beforehand or ask viewers to send in questions via chat. 

6. Newsjacking

You really should not be missing out on this opportunity to engage and draw the audience to your live stream. By using newsjacking, you will have more subscribers and improve engagement. Connect to a trending topic , talk about it on your live stream, and ask for opinions on this news. If you run out of ideas, this streamer idea is a good one. 

Social media and celebrity news are good newsjacking ideas because people are always interested in those topics. Remember that you do not want to discuss issues that are old. It defeats the purpose of attracting viewers to your live video. 

7. Share your hobbies and passions

Live streaming has allowed people with niche hobbies to find an audience for their passions. No matter what kind of activity you’re into — cooking, yoyoing, or traveling — someone out there is likely to be interested in watching or learning about it.

8. Share your knowledge

A learning live stream is an exciting way to share a product or service of yours with your audience. Learning through knowledge sharing can create an interactive, creative environment that can increase viewer enjoyment and provide them with new learning possibilities.

The Symposium app is a great way to monetize expertise and engage with viewers in real-time. With this live streaming platform, you can earn money from your followers interested in learning what you have to share. 

9. Talk about a recent exciting experience

Do you have any fascinating personal experiences – positive or negative? Tell your viewers about it to see how they react. By expressing how they feel through live chat and comments, you improve your engagement and broaden your audience. 

You might feel like, “who cases?” But you might be surprised by how many people are interested in what happens to others in their daily lives. 

10. Host a giveaway contest

People love competing in giveaways, but they also enjoy the prizes even more! Hosting a live contest on your stream is an excellent way to boost views and add subscribers. The more you use social media to promote this event, the easier it is to get noticed.

11. Unboxing live streams

The unboxing videos began as a method of demonstrating products. Still, today they are increasingly popular among viewers simply wanting some insight into what’s inside without actually purchasing anything. If you have never created an unboxing video before, now would be the right time. 

You can even make a living from these streams, whether it’s through brand deals or merchandise. Unbox your brand’s merchandise and create a buzz around your brand to keep your audience always coming back for more.

12. Arts and crafts & D.I.Y. tutorials

Arts and crafts are an excellent way to keep your viewers engaged on a live stream. You can share tips and tricks with them or show them how it is simple to make a project. You’ll find no shortage of creativity when doing arts and crafts.

The perfect topic would be to craft something unique from random materials like paper towel rolls since they exist in almost every household.

13. Teach a live workout class

Live streaming is the new way to teach fitness classes. With people seeking new ways to stay fit without leaving home or spending hours on machines, at-home fitness has become increasingly popular.

Streaming live workouts allows you to create a sense of community while keeping your audience engaged and motivated. People who cannot get together in person will appreciate sharing workout routines online with others.

Spice Up Your Next Live Stream Ideas

There are so many ways to get creative with your live streams. With the live stream content ideas provided above, you should have no problem coming up with material to grow your audience.

Go live and have spontaneous sessions that involve Q&As, giveaways; introduce your hobbies and passions to viewers by interacting with them on live chat. Try to share an enlightening experience for inspiration and live host arts and crafts classes. The possibilities are endless! 

By choosing to branch out and spice things up for your viewers, you’re adding value to your content.

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