POWER USER Q&A: Carol Rodgers

Symposium Power User Profile

Carol Rodgers is a woman of many talents. She describes herself as a speech pathologist, by trade and an author by choice. She is also a crafter with a range of interests including making bath and body products, a raw food chef, a community theater actress, and a vision-board expert. She is also a proud grandma of a two-year-old little boy who keeps her busy. Carol has offered a vision-board class on Symposium which is different from other vision board approaches because she takes a more inward spiritual perspective. Carol is in the power user spotlight as we get to know her better.

  • What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Carol: Trustworthy, compassionate, and funny

  • Tell us a little about yourself

Carol: I am a trained speech pathologist by trade. I have worked with children from kindergarten through high school.  Due to some family issues and COVID, I have not worked as a speech pathologist in a while. I am also an author and have been involved in four collaborations. I just finished ICE: In case of Emergency, which explains what you need to know before an emergency strikes.  I have also contributed to The Power Within, Power, and Moments of Grace, each of which is a collection of stories. I am working on my first novel, which discusses emotional and financial domestic abuse and how three women are affected by abuse. I am also involved in community theater and am currently in Murder Mysteries that we present online.

  • Tell us how you became involved with Vision Boards?

Carol:  My first encounter with vision boards was when I took a class and loved it. I wanted to learn more so I read several books. My vision boards are not the typical kind, They are more personal and start from within rather than using magazine photos as the starting point. I have my students first create their mission statements and a list of their values. We then flip quickly through five magazines each, three which are familiar and two not, and pull out pictures that catch their eye and place the photos alongside the list of values.

  • How did you discover Symposium?

Carol: I had not heard of Symposium until it was recommended by a friend who knew I wanted to teach a class and had been on sessions on the platform.

  • What advice would you give to other Symposium users?

Carol: I would advise users to get a good handle on Symposium and all you can do with it. It is not hard to use, but you need to play with it a little to understand the features.