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For the past five years, Carla, a.k.a Karma Steele has been a full-time medium, Reiki healer, life coach, hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner, who also does psychic readings.  Also known as Karma Steele or Karma on deck, Carla was born with psychic abilities and considers it as part of her genetics, just as her femaleness or lack of athletic ability.  She is compassionate and empathetic and while she loves what she does, it’s a physical burden that leaves her spent after each session. She does more than just the readings, she helps her clients to process the information through her Clear Intentions consulting firm. Carla is in the Power User Spotlight as we get to know her better.

  • What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Infectious, happy and dynamic

  • Tell us about your work as a psychic medium, Reiki healer and an NLP practitioner

I am a psychic with a multitude of abilities. I am able to speak to the dead; it takes a lot of energy. I am also clairsentient, meaning that I see a picture in my head, a scenario of someone else’s life. It can be difficult to see things that are life changing for others. I became an NLP practitioner as part of my training as a life coach in order to help my clients to deal with the information I share with them.  Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is the study of body language and utilizing these cues to help one be more self-aware. Reiki healing improves the flows of energy or chakras in and around a person and removes blockages to reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms and balance one’s energy.

  • What message to you have for people who may be reluctant to visit a psychic

If someone is reluctant to see a psychic or is any way hesitant, I tell them it is not for them. People tell me that they don’t believe in psychics and I cannot stop being who I am so I cannot help them. I also know when it could be that I am not the right psychic for the person. Psychics come from all demographics, including those who are not psychics but are frauds. Before you visit any psychic, vet them, see if they are certified, and ask for recommendations.

  • Please share an example of how you have helped people.

Many people come to me for help with business decisions. I once told a woman to switch jobs. She followed my advice and is very successful in her new position. Now she comes to see me every week. I have a friend who is a detective and I helped him to find someone who was missing. The person unfortunately was found dead. I would not want to be involved in police work because of a fear of being wrong or giving upsetting news. Something like that does have the benefit of providing closure for the loved ones. I care a great deal for the people who come to me and will ask them if they would like advice and coaching. I help people to find their intentions, develop a positive attitude, be a cheerleader for them, or help them to change. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen.

  • How has COVID-19 changed your work?

The pandemic hasn’t changed things too much for me. I used to meet people in person and some people still want that. I did close one of my offices since I was not using it. Others are happy to meet over the phone or Symposium. My business has actually improved as people are looking for reassurance. They may be afraid to take risks and want me to let them know if they are doing the right thing. Fifty percent of my clients continue to ask for relationship advice and many others ask if they are moving in the right direction.

  • Do you have other hobbies and interests?

I love every minute of my work. When I do need a break, I like to cook, bake, paint. I previously sang in a band and would like to try that again.

  • How are you using Symposium?

I use SymTalks to meet with clients and record the sessions. Symposium enables me to meet face to face and to easily schedule, bill and collect payments.

  • What advice do you have for Symposium experts?

I tell people not to wait. They should try out the different tools and be assured that the tools are all intuitive to use.


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