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Kristine Stokes or “Stokes” as she is known in the Las Vegas marketing industry, is a non-stop go-getter.  She is the director of Top Rank Boxing’s ring girls, known as the TR Knockouts. She is also founder of the Elevans Management Group, a Life Solutions Consulting Company. Kristine is also the founder of Project Fabulous, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides students and contestants with the proper tools for Mental health.

  •  What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Kristine: determined, inspiring and passionate

  • Tell us about yourself

Kristine: I started in hospitality and operations management and moved to marketing. I moved to financial services to help boxers, models, actors, and others in the entertainment world to plan for the future. My mother, Ellen Stokes, and I founded and organize the Fabulous Pageant. We empowers women and men of all ages to reach their next level in life. In addition to my work, I am the mother of two sons.

  • How does one become a ring girl?

Kristine: We look for several characteristics in our ring girls. A ring girl, most importantly, must have the ethics and attitude of a pageant girl and a cheerleader. We look for natural looking girls and like some diversity in the backgrounds of the ring girls. A ring girl must have a team attitude, a great smile, and be kind. She should engage with fans in person and have a large social media following.

  •  How has boxing changed in an online world?

Kristine: The online world has created a sense of interaction for the boxing community. Previously boxing was just a live event, but now fans can watch Top Rank boxing events on ESPN.

When boxing returned after the COVID-19 lockdowns. Top Rank created a “bubble” floor at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas where everyone stayed when not training or dining.  The downside is that there wasn’t the hype and excitement surrounding the fight with fans and events at the hotel before the fight.

  • How are the TR Knockouts using Symposium?

Kristine: The ring girls of the TR Knockouts do shoutouts via SymGrams personalized short videos to brighten the days of the receivers. It could be a father asking us to call his son for his birthday or to wish him congratulations on his graduation, for example. The SymGrams are usually done ringside and connect the fans to boxing and the ring girls.

  • What do you like about using Symposium?

Kristine: The Symposium platform is very user-friendly and has many uses, which we are exploring.  During these pandemic days we are able to stay safe and distant from fans yet interact with them. The Symposium team is also extremely helpful and has been willing to work with me to make the experience as useful and efficient as possible for my team. 

  • What advice do you have for other Symposium users?

Kristine: My advice is to be consistent with your content and keep posting content to stay connected with fans and your audience.


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