POWER USER Q&A: Nick Blomgren, CEO One Kick’s Gym

Nick Blomgren

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Nicknamed One Kick Nick, Nick Blomgren is an expert in mixed martial arts as both an athlete and gifted instructor. He is also the owner of the One Kick’s Gym in Las Vegas and a singer and drummer. Nick was inducted into the Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame in 1998, and into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2010, upon receiving  the Living Legend Award. Nick is in the power user spotlight as we get to know him better.

  • What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Nick: honorable, tough and caring

  • Tell us a bit about yourself:

Nick: As a kid I was into boxing and Tae Kwon Do and playing drums in the school band. Things were tough dealing with family issues so I thought joining the Army was a way out so I enlisted at the age of 17. While there, I met guys who I crossed trained with and learned to combine our styles of boxing, karate and Tae Kwon Do as well as competition in kickboxing shows. After the Army, I wanted to expand my knowledge of Muay Thai Boxing and traveled to Amsterdam to train as well as heading to Thailand to train at the Sasiprapa Gym under Thakoon Pongsupha.

After spending a year there, I still travel once a year to Thailand to train mixing their style into my system of boxing, karate, Tae Kwon Do with Muay Thai and MMA. When I’m not training, I’m a songwriter as well as a drummer, and enjoy collaborating with other musicians and making music. I have released songs, albums and videos.  I am a carpenter by trade, but also have been a bodyguard to major stars like Gerardo, Tiger Woods and Flo Rida at different times. I have owned and operated night clubs since 1993 as well as owning my own gym One Kick’s Gym since 1993 and have trained over 30 world champions, I currently own The Blind Pig restaurant in Las Vegas.

I have been married to Tonya Blomgren, who all the students call Mrs One Kick, for 17 years, She is very involved in all my endeavors and keeps the ball rolling at both businesses and is a very big part of my operations.

  • How are you using Symposium?

Nick: I use Symposium for Symcasts of classes. Although I prefer to teach in person, I am getting used to the online world and have learned how to speak to the camera and give feedback to students virtually. We have some classes where students are there in person and others are watching online and copying our moves. Symposium is a great way to connect when you’re not able to meet in person.

  • What advice would you give to other Symposium users?

Nick: You need to know what your audience is interested in and then build your concept around that. If you’re not meeting your audience’s needs, you won’t be successful. I’d also tell experts to make use of all the features and to take advantage of the great support provided.


Check out Nick Blomgren on Symposium, or hear more from the best SymPros!

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