Top Chef Carson Peterson: Power User Q & A on Symposium

Top Chef Carson Peterson

Carson Peterson: Cooking Has No Rules

Symposium is grateful to all our users and especially the power users. We will use this space to introduce our readers to power users. This week, our selected power user is Carson Peterson. Carson was a Top Chef Junior Season 2 contestant. He started cooking around the age of 4 when he’d watch his mom and Nonna make home-cooked meals. He resides in Ventura County, California and continues to pursue his career as a chef and grow his fan base across social channels such as Instagram as @TopChefCarson. He can be found on Symposium offering lessons and tutorials to other aspiring young chefs around the nation. Here is a Q&A with Carson.
  • What three words are best to describe yourself?
CP: I would describe myself as energetic, creative, and happy
  • What do you like best and worst about cooking?
CP: What I like best about cooking is that there are no rules; it is my domain and I can do whatever I want. What I like least is cleaning up afterward.
  • Do you have other hobbies besides cooking?
CP: Yes, I do have other hobbies other than cooking. Right now, I am headed to rowing practice at Lake Casitas in Ventura County, California. My freshman quad ranks Number 3 in the Nation. I am also a bass clarinetist in the Honors Wind Ensemble at my high school.
  • What do you like about using the Symposium platform?
CP: I like that Symposium offers the most personal social platform. I like that people can ask questions live during a presentation and I can also send messages to people after they have registered, and before they have signed on to prepare them for the event. It was also easy to quickly troubleshoot when I had some issues with the camera during an event.
  • What advice do you have for other Symposium users?
CP: I would tell other Symposium users that in order to get the most out of your Symposium event, market yourself. I would also tell them to tie their events to something important and relevant. For example, I have held events for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Juneteenth.

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