Symposium: A Revolutionary New Platform Redefining the Meaning of Social Commerce

Symposium App

The Symposium App caters to consumers who either want to sell their unique personal services or quickly connect with select professionals now have at their fingertips the most powerful e-commerce tool available in today’s sharing economy.

Symposium’s changes the meaning of social commerce. Recently launched offering a new level of worldwide access by linking social media, e-commerce and the global store together.

The Symposium Application provides people with the ability to make money using their expertise.

Sellers of services simply use the free app by downloading it from the AppStore, Google Play or the Web.

Seekers, or consumers wanting a services can quickly connect with experts in any area of interest.

Jonathan Ogden, Pro Football Hall of Fame offensive tackle with the NFL Baltimore Ravens, recently began using the live meetings app to schedule his celebrity speaking events and found the platform to be a great tool.

“This app has proven to be an excellent platform for hosting my meet-and-greet events,” Ogden said. “I’ve also been able to use The Symposium Application for live pay-per view events tor the Jonathan Ogden Foundation. The platform is simple and easy to use.”

Sellers simply list their prices and available times and the duration of their services. Seller services fall under three categories.

What differentiates Symposium from other social media platforms is the totality of the system. While other platforms offer parts of what the platform does, none have it all wrapped up in a one-stop e-commerce experience. It’s the perfect addition to the sharing economy.

SymTalk: One-to-one scheduled video chat session with a buyer of a service.

SymCast: One-to-many LIVE streaming session that allows the sharer to broadcast to a wide audience.

SymGram: Personalized video shout-outs perfect for birthday greeting, and graduation well wishes to friends and families.


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