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A peek into the mission of Symposium showcasing talent and building careers clears the air about how the company operates. Its mission “is to help anyone entertain, educate and inspire worldwide by automating the hassle of organizing offerings, calendars and cash.” For business tool experts and influencers, the platform is the holy grail for building careers as it allows students to earn from teaching, scheduling, and entertaining people.

The platform has made third-party scheduling redundant as on it, experts and influencers from various industries are easily approachable. In fact, it scraps the need for payment apps as well. Symposium sessions are also flexible, thereby allowing seamless integration with other social media platforms, email signatures, and websites. This widens the reach and increases the chances of Symposium building careers that benefits both entrepreneurs and users.

Many businesses collapsed because of middlemen, gatekeepers, and various other obstacles that stop people from reaching the next level.

Joseph Baumgartel, the CEO of Symposium, had a first-hand experience with crises. As a musician and forward-thinker, he, along with his partner Troy Roques and creative team, had to cross several barriers before they could get their businesses online.

The biggest challenge was to explain the need for an online marketplace. With the COVID-19 crisis, a rapid change in the work process helped the company’s growth. Online conferencing and video calling are now new norm.

In the road ahead, the company will continue to invest more time in understanding changes in order to offer meaningful services to its key audience. For Symposium building careers is a main focus.

Check out Symposium, or hear more from the best SymPros!

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