Symposium Drops 20 Percent Session Fee for Duration of 2020 to Help Experts, Teachers, Trainers and Influencers During Pandemic with No-Cost Live-Session Video Consultations and More

Social commerce video marketplace supports business owners, consultants, trainers, creatives, and others by helping them connect directly to customers, package & market services, and retain revenue by eliminating 20-percent service fee for each successful session

Originally published on August 18, 2020 / Snehal Belure / TecHR Series

Symposium, the holy grail of business tools for experts and influencers, today announces it is cutting the 20-percent service fee it collects from each successful session on the platform. This is being done in an effort to help experts, teachers, trainers, influencers and others who’ve suffered loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members on the platform can sell their services and time for a variety of money-making, pain-free scheduling of consultations, lessons, workshops, classes and more. For the remainder of 2020, they can easily set their own prices, schedule one-to-one, one-to-many, or live streaming sessions and collect payment directly from customers without the 20% service charge from Symposium for each successful transaction. In turn, the Company will only make a small commission from tips in an effort to keep a small percentage of income coming to the Company to keep the platform running successfully.

“We’re Helping Experts, Teachers, Trainers and Influencers During Pandemic with NO-COST Live Video Conferencing and More”

“COVD-19 has disrupted our lives in many ways. For many people it has meant a loss of hope and jobs, and a loss of business opportunities for the self-employed and small businesses who must meet face-to-face and are no longer able to meet customers or students in-person, as we did pre-COVID,” said Joseph Baumgartel, Symposium CEO. “Symposium recognizes this ‘new normal’ that will continue post-pandemic in which we must find new ways to conduct our businesses. With Symposium, ANYONE has the ability to package and market their time, while knowledge and skill-seekers can pick and choose an experience from the experts to meet their needs. Symposium now costs nothing for sessions, which can be easily marketed across their other social media platforms, email signatures and websites, allowing people to build a gig or consulting business of their dreams without the need for investment or hassle.”

“Since COVID-19 happened, I’ve made really good money on Symposium,” said Ray Milner, founder and creative director at Milk Money Limited in Las Vegas. “Owning a fashion brand hasn’t been easy, especially with store closures at the front of this pandemic. Luckily, I was on Symposium and my expertise has been sought out by a lot of people in my industry who’ve needed advice and guidance. I made $500 in one week, easily, and now I’m attracting more business because I use Symposium to pay-it-forward to people with advice and I don’t hold back any resources or tools when someone purchases a session with me. I believe ‘givers gain’ and Symposium helps people like me give to those in need, so they can also grow as I have.”

In addition to giving thousands of experts across the U.S. the ability to package and market their time without any fees, Symposium has also created a way for influencers and celebs to interact with fans and followers from all device platforms thereby keeping their sales pipelines active even when meeting in person is not possible. Users can easily reserve a Symposium session with an expert with a simple click that reserves a spot with their credit card and once they have received the service, the expert is paid.


Symposium is the holy grail of business tools for experts and influencers who want to schedule, teach, entertain and earn with ease! Whether it’s one-on-one, one-to many, or streaming on a pay-per-view basis, we’ve up-leveled the video conferencing and streaming game with calendaring, monetization, and security. Symposium has made experts and influencers from all industries approachable, allowing them to share experiences with anyone looking to learn a new skill or be entertained without the need for third-party scheduling or payment apps. Experts and influencers have the ability to package and market their time, while knowledge and skill-seekers can pick and choose the experiences that suit their personal needs. If you’ve got access to the web or a mobile device, you’ve got access to Symposium and a whole new world of opportunities. Symposium sessions can be easily marketed across their other social media platforms, email signatures and websites, allowing experts and influencers a chance to bring their audiences from other digital platforms to a place to connect on a meaningful level. We’re here to help anyone entertain, educate and inspire worldwide by automating the hassle of organizing offerings, calendars and cash! To learn more about us, please visit:


Nicole Rodrigues
NRPR Group – For Symposium

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