Symposium is Music to the Ears of Online Instructors

Back in the day, if someone wanted to teach music lessons, they either needed to set up a music studio or travel to students’ homes at their own expense. Once COVID-19 hit, instructors were looking for new options that would enable them to continue to teach and interact with students. Symposium offers an alternative to other options that will enable teachers to maintain control over the business and expenses while offering a fun, productive experience for students.

The first step is to set up a legitimate online music lesson business if you are not already offering in-person instruction.  As with any business, you need to have a business name, bank account, email address, and social media address so that clients can find you and pay you for your services. Social media sites can also be used to promote your services and successes.

The next step is to determine your fee schedule, which is based on the number of students per session and the length of the session. Most teachers charge between $25 and $50 per hour per student for lessons depending on their and the students’ level of expertise. 

Fourth, there needs to be a way for students to pay for their lessons and there should be a bank account separate from your personal account. If you are taking online payments, Stripe is a good option for payment processing.

Fifth, think about your social media. Your website is your storefront and how you present yourself to potential and existing clients. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can reinforce the brand image.  There should be an integrated theme across all platforms.

Symposium can help you to set up appointments, receive payments, and link all social media platforms to your Symposium page. Unlike other online courses that offer pre-recorded sessions, Symposium enables one-on-one SymTalks through which you can hear your students and provide immediate feedback. Symposium also enables you to expand your coverage area beyond your immediate geographic environs. Symposium also enables instructors to build and remain in the boss of their music lesson business.


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