Symposium Power User: Tania Estrada Offers Tips, Tricks that Will Make You a Star on Show Business SymCast

On April 14, comedian Tania Estrada held her SymCast on How to Break into Entertainment and it was a blast! Tania offered up-close and personal tips on how to break into the elusive world of entertainment. She shared how she started and what you can do once you land your dream job. Tania is a comedic host, stand-up comedian, actress, and musician, born and raised in Los Angeles. She was named Best Independent Female Comedian at the 2019 HAPAwards (Hollywood African Prestigious Awards).

On the SymCast, Tania explained the steps involved in starting in show business and highly recommends doing an internship, taking a class, and preparing for what you want to do. The likelihood of being discovered as you walk down the street is extremely small, she reminded her audience. She also suggested learning the tools that are available to you, ranging from Garageband to Pro Tools. Appearance is also important so look amazing when you go out to be camera-ready and paparazzi-ready. Get plenty of rest and don’t party all night, have a plan, and finally, remain humble and don’t be a jerk. It takes time and effort to succeed.

When it comes to Symposium, the comedian is a big fan. She had a barrel of fun on her SymCast and was a big fan of watching the emojis fly and the monetary tips come in. During her event, she focused on her delivery and not on the screen and liked the event was live and interactive, unlike other platforms on which sessions must be prerecorded. Her biggest tips to other SymPros: Be prepared; practice, practice, practice. She had a list of topics she wanted to cover and rehearsed her delivery and the timing of the event. It is also important to market your event heavily.

Tania is looking forward to holding more master classes and is planning to host a comedy event with other entertainers.



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