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Since September of 2020, we’ve been conducting weekly Q&As for the blog, where our most successful users share a little bit about their background and how they use Symposium. At the end of each post, we ask the SymPro user to leave some parting words of advice for other Symposium users. After 12 Q&As, we decided to collect the best advice from each and put it all together as a guide for succeeding on Symposium and in your online hustle.

Here are the Top 12 SymTips from the SymPros:

  1. Carson Peterson: Keep it relevant

Carson advised users to tie their events to something important and relevant. This is the approach he took when he did a livestream on Fathers Day, which was also the weekend of Juneteenth, cooking alongside his Dad as he shared his favorite burger recipe.

  1. Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman: Stay Active

Dr. Forman is a go-getter. She offers all kinds of services on Symposium. She advised users to “Put on as many presentations as you can.” Of course, you want to make sure you’re prepared for each consultation you offer. But don’t stay stuck in limbo for too long. Eventually you just have to try out your ideas to learn what works best. You can even now offer free listings, called “Promos” if you just want to test out something new.

  1. Loren Michaels Harris: No half measures

Loren is a motivational speaker, so his Q&A was full of gems that can inspire you to get going. When specifically advising Symposium users, he said to take advantage of the opportunities Symposium provides and to not do it halfway. “There is platinum—not gold—in these hills. To find platinum, you must keep seeking.”

  1. Carol Rodgers: Experiment

Carol said that to get a good handle on Symposium, you need to play with it a little to understand the features. If you don’t understand the platform, we have a SymTip post to help you get started, but there will still be a breaking-in process to see what works for you. We recommend seeing what others are doing and then going with what feels right. Try something new. Offer a free listing and see if it is well received!

  1. Kristine Stokes: Be Consistent

Kristine advises users to stay consistent with content to maintain engagement with your audience. While it’s important to test new approaches, maintaining consistent availability will make it easy for your audience to get a hold of you. This will lead to steady growth in the long run.

  1. Syncere: Keep Learning

Similar to what Carol advised, Syncere said to learn as much as you can about the platform. This applies to almost any new tool you test out. A hammer can be used to build a house, or it can be used to break your own foot. Learning all the features that a platform offers can allow you to plan your strategy accordingly to maximize your time.

  1. Carlos Dew: Use your time wisely

Time is all we have, and it is limited. Carlos advised to use your time to make technology your friend. Take the time to research how to utilize the technology to operate your business virtually. Everyone has a different learning curve. The better you organize your time, the more things you’ll get done.

  1. Tommie Michelle Rocha: Go at your own pace

Burnout is a very real thing. There’s no shame in slowing down when you feel it. Tommie said “do not feel like you have to post everyday.” This is true, there are no rules to how often you should be posting and how many sessions you offer a week. Find your balance and stick to what keeps your momentum going.

  1. Nick Blomgren: Know Your Audience

Nick advises that you need to understand who your audience is and what they’re interested in so you can build your content around that. This is key: you might have a solid message but if it’s for the wrong audience, it won’t stick. Figure this part out to make the most of your offerings!

  1. Michael Dinich: Monetize Your Experience

While Symposium does provide the ability to create a free listing, Michael says that now’s the best time to monetize your expertise. If you have notable experience in your field, it’s likely that someone will want to pay you for your time. Don’t count yourself out, you determine your worth!

  1. Britain Hart: Be Responsible

Britain is a high-performance athlete and you don’t get to that level without consistency and discipline. One thing she emphasizes: be punctual! Don’t show up to a scheduled meeting late. Show that you care by being proactive and accountable It’ll translate into a greater connection with your followers and help build your reputation.

  1. Chris Angelo: Never Stop Promoting Yourself

There’s always a wider audience to reach, new people interested in your field, and a market that has yet to be discovered. You should constantly be promoting yourself to tap into these growing markets. This part should be easy, because at the end of the day, you should be your number-one fan!

What do they all have in common?

 They got started! Sometimes that’s all it takes. Stay tuned for more weekly Q&As from our top users. Soon, it may be you who’s featured on this list.

Check out Top Chef Carson on Symposium, or hear more from the best SymPros!


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