Symposium Las Vegas Drops 20% For Gig Workers.

Symposium Las Vegas

Symposium Las Vegas has good news for consultants, trainers, and entrepreneurs, and creative people hoping to make money in 2020! To encourage and support them amidst the pandemic Symposium dropped its 20% service charge for packaging and marketing of services. 

Las Vegas-based Symposiumearly in the year to slash the 20% service charge per successful session. They will continue throughout the yea to help experts recoup losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online session bookings are made hassle-free, just one click, and the job is done! This year, the members will be at liberty to decide at what price they want to sell their live sessions. The payments that the clients will make are directly going to go to the wallets of the members, although, for each successful transaction, the service charge is applicable with a 20% relaxation. Symposium will keep itself afloat by collecting a small commission on the tips.

According to the CEO of Symposium Las Vegas, Joseph Baumgartel, this pandemic has derailed many lives. Loss of jobs, opportunities, small businesses, and much more has wreaked havoc in the lives of people who had to meet their clients or students or patients in person before this COVID happened.




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